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Our Vision

Ela Hultsi has a vision to increase representation of Indigenous people and businesses in the Facilities Management industry in Canada. With the support of BGIS, Ela Hultsi is able to provide the full range of Integrated Facilities Management services which supports hiring and training of Indigenous professionals in this industry.  Ela Hultsi will continue to build Indigenous products and service offerings with Indigenous businesses to realize the Federal  5% Indigenous procurement target on Federal spending.


Tamara Goddard

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General Manager

Tamara Goddard, of the Saulteau Nation, believes that access to clean water, housing, power, and water are fundamental human rights, and are necessary for humanity to innovate a future in balance with the Earth and all of life. She spent 25+ years studying various social and economic systems finding that many limit humanity’s abilities to flourish. 


With Four Our Future, Tamara led multiple national papers highlighting the potential for new technology to advance equitable access to new markets for Indigenous businesses. Tamara is committed to holding space for the next generation of innovators to create a regenerative economic model upon which people and the planet can thrive. 


Tamara received her MBA in Indigenous leadership and business at Simon Fraser University and has assisted hundreds of Indigenous businesses and First Nations corporations from start-up to stability to thriving. 

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Our Team

Our Board

Sean Willy, Chair
CEO & President
Des Nedhe Group
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Gord Hicks, Director
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 Mike Greidanus, Director 
President, North America BGIS
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Preston Kalyniuk, Director 
Senior Director, Finance
Des Nedhe Group
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Chris Doll, Director
Corporate Development
Des Nedhe Group
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