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Proudly Offering Sustainable Solutions for Plumbing, Sewage & Wastewater

In partnership with Nature's Pond our team is always designing new biologically-based products that are more affordable, more efficient and good for the earth.

City Sky

Lift Station XPT Cleaner & Maintainer

A targeted formula of solvents and surfactants, blends of bacteria and enzymes suspended in purified water for maximum effectiveness and results, improves effluent quality while cleaning and maintaining lift stations.

Winter Village

4-IN-ONE Plumbing, Septic & Sewage

Nature’s Pond ‘4-in-One Plumbing, Septic & Sewage’ is a highly concentrated mix of beneficial bacteria suspended in purified water - a simple, ‘Ready-To-Use,’ safe and versatile product designed to clean all plumbing and drain systems.

Its liquid form protects the bacteria from heat, cold and humidity, extending the shelf life to 24-30 months.

Sink Pipe
Reflection in a Pond
Wild Pond

Bio Augmentor

ALL-IN-ONE formula made of a mix of beneficial bacteria and enzymes suspended in purified water


  • Simple and cost-effective to use.

  • Speeds up the decomposition process and reduces organic waste by up to 50%, thus dramatically increasing the existing capacity load.

  • Reduces Septic and sewage Management expenses caused by dredging, pumping and hauling of organic solids.

  • Reduces costs of septic equipment replacement caused by treatments using harsh and corrosive chemicals.

  • Reduces harmful phosphates and nitrates that pollute groundwater, soil, rivers and lakes.

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